ComEd Transformer Repair Underground at 5701 N. Sheridan Road Begins May 21

The sidewalk will be closed and a walk-around path will cross the northbound lane of Sheridan between Hollywood and the driveway of Hollywood Towers (5701 N. Sheridan). Signs posted on northbound Lake Shore Drive will alert drivers of the lane closure for the duration of the project. Work will be done from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. for approximately six weeks, excluding the Memorial Day holiday weekend. ComEd asks for your patience during this project.

Senior Sewer Refund – News for Seniors Living
in Homeowner Associations

The deadline is July 1, 2018

Legislative Updates

An ordinance passed by the City Council on March 28th establishes a “Home Rule” that overrides changes made to Section 19 of the Illinois Condominium Property Act when HB189 became law on January 1st (see discussion). This substitute ordinance overrides the provision that condo associations must provide homeowners’ email addresses and phone numbers to any association member who asks for them, unless a vote by owners in an association passes by two-thirds majority. It took effect on April 18. If you have any questions about this ordinance, please contact Jerry Goodman at

However, at the state level, Rep. Andre Thapedi (32nd) introduced HB4910 to block local governments from using Home Rule to nullify anything in the Illinois Condo Act (Thapedi was the sponsor of HB189 in 2017). This bill has been re-referred to the Rules Committee. Illinois legislators are also considering bills that repeal or revise the changes to Section 19 enacted by HB189, including SB572, co-sponsored by Senators Kwame Raoul (13th), Michael Connelly (21st), Heather Steans (7th), and Melinda Bush (31st); and HB5126, co-sponsored by Representatives Kelly Cassidy (14th), Sara Feigenholtz (12th) and Steven Andersson (65th). HB5126 was referred to the Rules Committee on April 13. SB572 was passed by the Senate on April 19 and is now with the Judiciary-Civil Committee in the House. The chair of the committee, Rep. Thapedi, opposes the bill, so ASCO requests that you pressure the other representatives to put SB572 on the House floor for a vote before the end of May. A brief statement you may use or customize is below, followed by the names and email addresses of the members of the committee.

Dear Rep. _____________

I am writing in support of SB572, currently being read by the Judiciary Committee on which you serve. This is a critically important bill that protects our right to control who gets our personal contact information, namely phone numbers and email addresses. Section 18.8(f) of the Condo Property Act regarding “acceptable electronic means” of communication already gives us that right. Passing SB572 into law will reaffirm that right. Please make sure this bill comes up for a vote on the floor of the House of Representatives before the end of May.



Committee Members

Rep. Ann Williams

Rep. Steve Andersson

Rep. Avery Bourne

Rep. Peter Breen

Rep. Scott Drury

Rep. Michael Halpin

Rep. Jay Hoffman

Rep. Thad Jones

Rep. Lindsay Parkhurst

Rep. Emanuel Chris Welch