Park District to Use Prescribed Burn in Osterman Beach
Dunes Natural Area

WHO: Chicago Park District
WHAT: Prescribed burn
WHEN: Between now and April 30th. Exact date depends on wind and weather conditions
WHERE: Osterman Beach Dunes Natural Area

The Chicago Park District uses prescribed burning to help maintain native plant communities. Each burn is carefully planned and conducted in a safe manner. All people who conduct prescribed burns in the parks are specially trained, equipped and supervised. The fire department has been notified and permits have been obtained to do this work.

Fire is a natural part of Illinois ecosystems. It promotes species diversity and helps control invasive shrubs and trees. Without fire, natural areas often become dense thickets with few flowers. Fire burns off dead vegetation, returns nutrients to the soil and stimulates new plant growth.

For more information about Chicago Park District Natural Areas visit our website:

If you would like to be notified on the day of the burn, please contact this park’s Natural Areas Manager at 312-405-3854.

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