About ASCO

The Association of Sheridan Condominium/Co-op Owners (ASCO) was founded by a group of Sheridan Road homeowner associations in the 1970s to defeat legislation designating condominiums as investment properties for the purpose of levying property taxes. Led by founding member and long-time President Sheli Lulkin, ASCO was instrumental in winning that battle and many others. In the 1980s, Lulkin and ASCO worked with the Army Corps of Engineers, various city departments and the Chicago Park District to build revetments and offshore breakwaters that helped alleviate flooding and erosion along the lakeshore east of Sheridan Road. Concurrently, ASCO pushed for renovations that made these beaches more accessible to people with disabilities.

Berger Park at the 6200 block of N. Sheridan also was established in the 1980s, with Edgewater resident Kathy Osterman (who later served as 48th Ward alderman) leading the effort with support from 49th Ward Alderman David Orr. The park honors the philanthropist Albert E. Berger, who was a native Chicagoan and Edgewater resident. Orr’s successor, Joe Moore, helped build a new state-of-the-art playground there that was dedicated in 2005. ASCO fosters support for neighborhood improvements like this.

By promoting community engagement, ASCO helped prevent the construction of a nursing home on the southwest corner of Thorndale and Sheridan in the 1990s. Edgewater residents turned down that idea not once but several times. The high density of traffic on this unique section of Sheridan could make it difficult or impossible for emergency vehicles to reach such a facility. That corner instead became the site of a park dedicated in 2004 by 48th Ward Alderman Mary Ann Smith to Rabbi Herman Schaalman and his wife, Lotte. The Rabbi served many years at Emanuel Congregation across the street from the park.

Some of our most important work focuses on monitoring and influencing legislation affecting the Illinois Condominium Property Act and local regulations. We often collaborate with 48th Ward Alderman Harry Osterman, State Representative Kelly Cassidy, and State Senator Mike Simmons. On different issues throughout the years, ASCO has partnered with the Chicago Park District, Cook County Commissioners, Chicago Fire Department, Chicago Police Department, and Chicago Transit Authority. In addition, ASCO has worked with ACTHA (the Association of Condominium, Townhouse and Homeowners Associations), Diversey Harbor Neighbors, Streeterville Organization of Area Residents and Printer’s Row Condominium Residents. Together these groups can influence legislation at the city level that impacts condominium and co-op owners.

ASCO is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization, representing more than 30 buildings including over 6,000 homes on Sheridan between Foster Ave. (5200 N.) and West Sheridan Rd. (6400 N.). At monthly board meetings, representatives from each building gather to discuss issues affecting Sheridan Rd., our neighborhood, and condominium law, always focused on improving the quality of life in Edgewater. About four times a year, we sponsor community meetings that often feature ASCO General Counsel Michael Kim and his associates as keynote speakers. ASCO also owns 18 planters placed on various corners along Sheridan that are maintained by Moore Landscapes.

ASCO strives to be an active voice for the community. Subscriptions to our newsletter are free to all residents and unit owners in ASCO member buildings. To subscribe, please click here.