Signage Guidelines for Sheridan Road

Below is the application process for proposed signage on Sheridan Road from Devon to Foster for residential and/or business developments.

The following must be provided to ASCO:

  1. Application/paperwork for any proposed signage should be submitted to ASCO before it is approved for permit by the Alderman or the City of Chicago.
  2. The above documents should include detailed plans, drawings and specifications for the project, such as all elevations, dimensions, colors, and other appropriate measurements and information.
  3. Also required is written approval from the relevant condo/co-op board for the proposed signage.


Signs can vary to express the character of the individual merchant/residential building, but compatibility with the Sheridan Road streetscape should be a priority. Materials chosen for a sign may be less important than the quality of construction, lighting, typography, detail and placement of the sign.

Good contrast between the background and lettering is more important for legibility. Bright, loud colors are inconsistent with and distract from Sheridan Road’s unique architectural qualities. Toned-down colors and lettering are required for our residential street.

The established harmonious, visual appeal of Sheridan Road should be considered when selecting the colors and typography. Also to be considered are elements of the building for which the sign is proposed (for example, brick color).

Neon, flashing or moving parts on any portion of the proposed signage are strictly prohibited.

Lighting can be overhead, reflected, or within the sign. It should be neutral rather than brightly colored. Multicolored displays are not permitted.

Paper signage is not allowed in windows. Sandwich boards are not allowed.

Only clear glass should be used. Tinted or block glass will not be allowed.

Prepared by the ASCO Board of Directors
Adopted June 4, 2019